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celtic harpist, international, musician, performer

Yasmeen has appreciated and loved music since she was a baby, singing and moving her body to the classical music her parents listened to. She began singing her own melodies as a little girl, making up words and sounds to read herself stories before she could actually read the words in the books. Her father played a special role in her musical education; he played multiple instruments, composing his own music and singing to her every night before she went to bed when she was small.
Yasmeen grew up with the Waldorf Curriculum and flowered in a holistic arts environment with her siblings.
During one particular seasonal concert when she was five, Yasmeen was enchanted by a harpist and began dreaming of playing the harp. She first studied the violin, then the silver flute. Finally at age 11 she began to play her dream instrument, the Celtic harp, studying formally with Caroline MacKay for four years. Yasmeen was accompanied in her love of music by her brother, who studied the cello. This is a portrait she drew of him playing the cello in when she was a teenager.

yasmeen amina olya art, Davin Lewis Cello Portraite, Chalk on Paper

Davin Lewis Playing Cello, Colored Chalk on Paper by Yasmeen Olya KHL

When she was in high school, Yasmeen and some classmates started a band called Azure Blue. They played music that was influenced by grass roots, folk, and new age rock.

Yasmeen spent her later teens in Edmonton, where she worked as a visual artist and would perform music for her exhibitions. She recorded two of her compositions, "Gray" and “Seasons," in a small studio in rural Alberta.

In 2006 Yasmeen moved to France where she was deeply inspired by European culture and in particular, the European appreciation for the arts.

She lived in Petite France in Strasbourg. Every day she would walk over the bridge to La Vielle Ville (The Old City) to busk with her harp. Her music attracted crowds of listeners, as her voice was carried through the streets and passages of old Strasbourg. She was deeply inspired by the presence of La Cathedral. The Prophet Solomon, son of Prophet David, played the harp, and is one of the earliest references to the harp we have.

Yasmeen performed on the streets and in holy places, making her way through France: La Mont Sainte-Odile, La Cathedral Notre Dame de Strasbourg, Vaison La Romaine, among others. Eventually she performed a series of concerts in churches in the South of France. She then went on to perform for the elderly in old folks' homes and in a supportive live music healing capacity for EHPAD Emmaus-Diaconesses in Strasbourg, France, participating in their therapeutic dances with children, parents and the mentally challenged. She was also part of a choral group singing Gregorian Chanting in Strasbourg.

celtic harpist, international, musician, performer In 2007 Yasmeen discovered a YouTube video of her performing outside La Cathedral Notre Dame de Strasbourg that a tourist, Sternbeiser, had recorded. It was titled "Beautiful Girl Singing in Strasbourg". Inspired by the interest the video had generated, Yasmeen felt bold enough to approach a studio to record her first ever solo album. Jean Christophe at TLC Studios in Strasbourg listened to her work and recorded her album for free. In 2008 Yasmeen released “Yasmeen's Song” independently, and developed her website to meet her fans online. She made her first music video "Yasmeens Song Strasbourg Harpist" to accompany the launch.
Following the success of her album with her online audience, Yasmeen published two more albums in 2010: "Ocean's Rising" on CD, and "My Secret Garden" only on mp3. “My Secret Garden” is for the child in us, and includes a short story the artist wrote and illustrated on pdf.

Yasmeen has quietly and independently sold her music, art, and poetry internationally to her fans for 10 years. She has filled her venues during her rare performances, played a supportive role musically for Waldorf School festivals, has been engaged privately for performances and has licensed her music to those interested in using it for their various publications or productions. Her song "How Do I Love Thee" from her first album was used by a UK company, Marisol, for an advertisement video in support of women in the Democratic Republic of Congo. In 2010 Yasmeen performed for Master Ching Hai at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Washington D.C. during a summit for the teacher's followers. She has made intimate solo performances on Salt Spring Island at the Wellness Centre, and at the Church of Truth in Victoria BC in the last few years.

Yasmeen is now taking her career in music and performance/visual art to new places. She works actively out of her studio gallery, "Moon Water Wind", where people interested can attend intimate concerts, peruse her artwork, or practice silent meditation with Yasmeen.

Yasmeen has a modest following of 10,000 subscribers through her website and YouTube channel.
Yasmeen has sold her albums to her international audience through interest generated by her infrequent postings of videos on YouTube alone. This year Yasmeen hopes to realize a third album, and is working to generate funds to achieve that vision. Contributions for the album’s publication can be made at this link. A tour is being considered for the near future. You can subscribe here. Yasmeen Amina Olya, KHL ©Copyright Policy Copyright applies to all Yasmeen’s publications, music, performance art, visual art works, her poetry and writing.

Licences must be granted for any publication or project including Yasmeen’s art and music. Please contact her agent and manager Davin Lewis at to obtain licence’s and permissions to use any of Yasmeen Amina Olya’s work.celtic harpist, international, musician, performer