Yasmeen Amina Olya is a multidisciplinary artist: vocalist, Celtic harpist, visual and performance artist and writer. Yasmeen "sings in tongues". Also known as glossolalia, this means that Yasmeen sings using sounds rather than words. What she sings sounds like a language, but is only sound. This aspect of Yasmeen's music makes it accessible across cultural and linguistic boarders. A Canadian Meti artist who has lived in France; bilingual speaking english and french. She studies Sufism at the heart of the Islamic faith. Yasmeen uses her music, visual arts, writing and poetry to help unite people and faiths, in celebration of our difference.
Yasmeen has performed in Europe, Canada and the USA. From busking on the streets of Petite France, Strasbourg, to performing in Churches in the South of France, to being featured at the Grand Hotel in Washington D.C. She studied Celtic harp with Caroline MacKay,and visual art at the Victoria College of Fine Art Victoria B.C. She has been part of a gregorian choir in Strasbourg France and worked with her music in a healing capacity for handicapped and elderly persons through EHPAD Emmaus-Diaconesses in Strasbourg, France. Yasmeen often performs in rare circumstances and unusual venues due to the nature of her distinctive sound. Her music has been used in various commercial publications and in non-profit documentaries, she has an international following.
Yasmeen has self published three albums. Yasmeenís Song 2008, Oceanís Rising 2010, My Secret Garden 2010. She is now working on her fourth album Light. Pre-order Yasmeen's fourth album here
She exhibits her paintings and performs intimate concerts at her gallery, " Moon Water Wind" on Salt Spring Island, British Columbia.
Her artwork has been used in Waldorf publications such as for WECAN - Waldorf Early Childhood . She has illustrated for various book publications, logos and medical textbooks. She has worked as a portraite artist for many years and has been selling her artwork independently for 15 years. She has always independently exhibited however now she is open to being part of other collaberative exhibitions.
Yasmeen was encouraged as a visual and musical artist from an early age, surrounded by a family of artists, and educated through the Waldorf Curriculum (see: Waldorf Pedagogical Studies). The nature of her artistically-supported growth built the foundation upon which she now works, inspiring her to create a world of colour and sound that is distinctly her own. In writing, in painting, in music, in performance.
~ Music for me is an innate expression that goes with us always, it is not a set of separate tools we take out at a certain time, it flows in us the same way our thoughts do, the same way that the motion of our movements do, our dreams. Music is a part of everything, the unending universal pull, the sounds all around us, the inner rhythm of the heart. Everything is making music if we are listening. For me music is that much greater when I offer myself to the natural impulse to wonder, to live in a state of wonder as apposed to criticism or discrimination. Such wonder precipitates in everything one does if we let it. Any impulse to apply myself to the act of creation is that much more easy and organic when I allow myself to feel into the moment of wonder and innocence and live authentically with my own being and others. ~~Yasmeen
Yasmeen's artwork is available for exhibition in galleries and for events, by request. Yasmeen Olya will travel internationally for performance.

Interest in engaging her as a performance artist or showing her paintings in an exhibition should be addressed to her agent and manager, Davin Lewis. You may email him all pertinent details regarding your event at yasmeenmgmt@fastmail.org , A press kit is available here.

Contracts, proposals, and documentation should be addressed to the agent. See the booking page here.