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    Many hours have been put into the development of this website, and many creative and kind people have helped me. Thank you all! Gratitude to all my friends and family who with their many supports helped me realize this dream. ~ Yasmeen
    Yasmeen Olya is a new prophetic type of artist. Like Lisa Gerrard, Yasmeen too, creates her music spontaneously, playing harp and singing. She sings in tongues as was written of the early Christians at the day of Pentecost, when the Holy Spirit descended. So this inspiration is with her. She also brings with her, like Loreena McKennett, the combined spirits of the Celts and the Sufis. Her voice is one of tragedy, reconciliation and hope. Her instrument, the Harp, is a bardic instrument dating back five thousand years. So in many ways Yasmeen is from ancient times but because she has intercepted in herself both East and West she prepares us for a future where these great cultural powers work in unity. There is a delicacy in the quality of her music and art so needed in modern times, a beguiling simplicity which allows the listener to feel something both new and old in themselves. Yasmeen can help you remember yourself and that your Self is connected to beautiful Nature - which in a world of noise distraction is among the greatest gifts of all.

    ~ Allen P.